Welcome. I am a battlefield guide specialising in the Great War on the Western Front. I have been guiding groups of visitors from around the world to these sacred places and understand the importance of spending time to reflect and remember.

As we approach the centenary of the beginning of the war to end all wars, it is clear that the battlefields of France and Flanders still have the power to move every visitor.  As a friendly and experienced battlefield tour guide, I can offer you a deeper insight into both the extraordinary actions and stories of individual soldiers and provide you with the broader context in which the conflicts took place.  The underlying theme of all of my tours is that of remembrance – from the stories of an individual soldier, through to the large pre-planned campaigns.

As well as guiding, I can provide the following services:
Themed Talks - Research - Individual Tour Planning

Please see my blog entries for my take on recent tours and other things of interest in relation to the Great War.

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